“One of the most informative and interesting experiences I have had when it comes to things around your house. I recently purchased a home and was recommended to John and his company. Top level service and he walked me through every step of the home I was buying. It was like a classroom as he instructed and pointed out things to look for. We came away with only 5 things needed to be completed by the seller but one big one was venting as the construction company never vented the upstairs bathroom…..so the fan would run but moisture had nowhere to go this eventually would’ve caused mold. I came away after a complete walk through after 2 hours feeling 100% confident in the house I was buying and the company I used for my home inspection. Thank you again, John and son!” – Craig

“John Farmiloe was candid and pointed out some important safety issues with the property. He had a sense of humor and made the process fun. His report was professional and easy to understand and read through. I thought his price was very reasonable.”

“John was very thorough and explained everything to us. He was patient with our questions
and had a wonderful personality. We will definitely be hiring him again if we ever need this
kind of service again. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.”

“Excellent service! Extremely proficient! Answered all my questions and very detailed with
explanations. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better for the home inspection”

“John and team were very thorough throughout the inspection and explained things to me in an easy to understand way. As a first time home buyer, they helped put me at ease as well as point out what needed to be monitored on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis in order to maintain the house. Quick turnaround time.”

“John who did my inspection was insightful, thorough and extremely helpful during the inspection. Fully capable of answering most all of my questions and recommended when to reach out to an expert when needed. My wife and I had two houses inspected during our search for a new home and used them for both. Very satisfied.”